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lilysandhorns@gmail.com  |  541.622.5540

Welcome, I'm glad to see you here!

I'm Jade - South African born, Southern Oregon dwelling woman whose passion it is to capture love & light. 

My traveler's soul has lead me on a long and gentle path, connecting with and capturing the stories of so many incredible people. And in some awe-inspiring places. Despite being a proper introvert, I reveal 100% of myself & my truth to my couples in the hopes that it communicates how grateful I am for their trust in including me during such special moments.

I believe

- in love {and the multitude of forms it manifests in},

- that one should prioritizing a houseplant's needs by light first, 

- and that Slytherin is the best house at Hogwarts...obviously. 

With over ten years of shooting, and five years of being a business owner has gifted me with an incredible start to my creative journey. Photography is a tool for connection,  inclusion and love. I hold space for each and every couple I work with to embrace their true selves, and express their deepest emotions. Grab a drink, and your favorite snack, coz we're going to get to know each other!

Join me - let's Turn Your Moments into Memories