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Fall Photo Wardrobe Tips

You've booked your Fall Season (pronounced 'pumpkin') Photos, and now you're stressing out coz you have zero clue how to put a full families worth of outfit styling together. Don't worry boo - I got you. Here are the best musts & must-nots, plus some visual inspiration to get you started!

Let's begin with the Must-Nots:

1) Please - no precisely matching flannel! This makes it appear as though you're all wearing ONE shirt with several neck-and-arm-holes.

2) All dark jeans? Awesome. ALL pure white or pitch black tops? Not only will this be difficult for your photographer to compose, but it will also create a rather 'stiff' vibe when you hang our photos in your home.

3) Limit each person to ONE pattern or print - this will dial down the confusion of having strips and floral on any one individual.

And now, for the Musts:

1) Ladies first - choose your outfit first, then co-ordinate (dont match see 1 & 2 above) the others' outfits from there.

2) Shop your closets first! This will surprise you, and more likely than not help you avoid a trip to the store!

3) Once your selections are made lay them out against a neutral surface near some window light (beige carpet, or dark flooring) and snap a photo - this will give you a great idea of how they all appear together

4) Dont be afraid to accessorize! Scarves, hats, boot socks etc are a great way to add interest, pops of color and is a great way to tie outfits together.

Lastly, the Pro-Tips:

1) Dress your littles and babies accordingly - even if the weather app says it will be tolerable, nothing puts stress on a family session faster than a kiddo who ends up getting cold!

2)Still considering shopping? Shop the collections, as you will most likely find the colors & styles you're looking for already curated for you!

3) Neutral is NOT boring - because we're working on capturing the colors of fall, going neutral is a great strategy to help make those natural colors stand out. Think beiges, light and dark grey, dark jeans, black knit sweaters, light jeans!

4) If youre wanting color but not wanting to compete with Fall, then complimentary is the best way to go: blush pinks, dark and light purples, sage and forest greens or the multitude of blues.

5) Or maybe bold is more your style? Then ALL the warm tones are just right for you - brown leathers and suedes with crimsons burnt oranges and creams will help bring that dramatic pop you're looking for!

Thats about it! Don't forget to have fun, and enjoy your time together - these sessions are to celebrate our loved ones, after all.