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My First In-home Session

And why there will be HUNDREDS MORE.

I am not immune to the negative hold social media has on us - if anything I am more prone to it because I (sadly admit) that I doubt myself. But one day, a hottie couple and a moment of bravery inspired me to ignore the fear. You know that whole adage...

you can't reach new oceans if you're too afraid to loose sight of shore.

blah blah. Well, the mini pep talk worked, and here we are. One heck of a successful in-home session, and you guys, I'm hooked. Seeing - and being able to capture - the fire and love these two share made my heart wanna jump from my chest! I want all the weddings, all the engagements, the boudoirs and ALL THE IN-HOME SESSIONS. Who's in?

Models - real couple, personal friends.

Location - this adorable AirBnb